Friday, May 3, 2013

Fine Art Friday {May}

I'm happy to present you with our biggest month of participation so far! And as this FAF continues to grow, I want to remind the readers as well as any future participants that there won't ever be a theme. I like the wild abandon of photos that get submitted. I like the eclectic mix and I especially like that the ladies can do their own thing and stay true to who they are as an artist; not feeling like they have to fit their style into a theme. But besides the eclectic mix of photos, my favorite part is seeing where everyone is located. Take an extra moment today and check out their Etsy shops to see that these ladies are from all over the world!!

Pretty Petal Studio - Susan O'Connor
Title: Paper Butterflies in a Ranunculus Garden
Description: Mixed media photograph of real ranunculus flowers and whimsical paper butterflies fluttering about.

Uninvented Colors - Sara Montague Miller
Title: Dream Library
Description: I stumbled upon this library while browsing the luxurious antique stores in New Orleans. There was so much jewelry and china and and such to covet, but I'd rather have this library! 

Lost in the Valley Photo - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Wonder Wall
Description: A pink flowering Leptospermum or "Australian Tea Tree" hedge in a Victorian greenhouse wonderland.

RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Sweet Nectar
Description: A bee in search of sweet nectar finds it on a Cleveland Pear.

Shadetree Photography - Debbra Obertanec
Title: Focus
Description: A simple reminder to focus on what's important in your life and let go of things you don't need.

PhotoByMADA - Magdalena.Sienkiewicz Photography
Title: Happy Caravan
Description: Travel Photography, taken in a beautiful Portugal coast - Algarve. Walking arround brought me to this positive and cheerful caravan.

Abra Alani Photography - Abra Alani Cole
Title: Bleeding Hearts
Description: A row of white bleeding hearts, not quite fully open in the early morning sun.

Maria Rose: A Prime Collection- Alana Gillett
Title: Dogwood Branch
Description: I took a photo walk on the grounds of a local historic home and there were tons of dogwood trees in bloom. Dogwoods are one of my favorite flowering trees.

Images by CW - Claudia Willison
Title: Ephemeral Beauty

Erin Johnson Photography - Erin Johnson
Title: Sunkissed Tulip
Description: A tulip basking in the afternoon glow of the sun.

Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Image title: Teasels on the Beach
Description: at Ballywalter, County Down, Northern Ireland

Fried Fish Photography - Daniella Fishburne
Title: Secret Garden
Description: I was walking through the streets of Charleston when I discovered this lovely garden hidden behind an open gate. I took this shot to show all of the wonderful treasures that are waiting to be discovered in this mysterious city.   

Second Ave Photography - Blaire Ring
Title: Dandelions with a Flare

Souvenir Photography - Jessica Arizpe
Title: Brighter Then The Sun
Description: What could be better to celebrate the coming sunny days than a bright and sunny yellow rose?

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Flow
Description: One of my favorite art to create is the abstract photograph. This image I used a textured glass with a plastic ribbed drinking cup and a drinking glass with other objects in the background to give more depth to the image. I really like the way this image appears to flow like water.

My Sweet Reveries - Andrea Hurley
Title: Escape
Description:  Taken in July 2012 at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. The week I spend by the sea for vacation each year is my personal escape. I long to be there, to feel the warmth, smell the salty wind and hear the crashing of the waves.

Tara Denny Images - Tara Denny
Title: Freshly Photographed
: Still in the icy grip of winter here in Indiana, I couldn't bear a second longer of seeing all the pretty blossoms online and yearning for spring. So I caved and paid way too much for these pink peonies at a florist shop.  Almost the next week, spring came to us in full force.

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: Dandelion
Description: Macro of a dandelion seed head.

Lisa Bonowicz Photography - Lisa Bonowicz
Title:  Fearless
Description: I am a beach girl and shoot there quite often. I have a special affinity for sea gulls and caught this big guy just as he landed in the surf.  The look in his eyes prompted the title.

Let That Songbird Go Photography - Shawnee Kilgore
Title: To the Sky
Description: I love Nebraska. It just feels different than any of the surrounding states, and it can be darn pretty! This "field" of flowers was along main street in a small town. I was on tour in summer, and happy to park my car on a side street to hang out amidst the beauty for a while.

Dream Wood Photography - Lisa Wood
Title:  Be Still
Description: Seagull from South Carolina with a little curl in his feather from the breeze he's enjoying set against an aqua background. 

Helen Makadia Photography - Helen Makadia
Title: Nature's Hearts
Description: I often look to nature for inspiration.  One recent spring morning, the sun finally came out after a long period of rain.  To my surprise the Bleeding Heart plant in my yard had not only sprouted, but also had flowered with many hearts.  Truly inspirational!

Janelle Tweed Photography - Janelle Tweed
Title: Summer Petals
Description: The colors I used are all of the pretty pastels that remind me of spring and summer. We've had a very long winter here in New York, but thankfully it's finally starting to warm up! 

Squint Photography - Sonja Quintero
Title: Chinatown in The Sun
Description: Chinatown in San Francisco on a sunny afternoon. I took this during my honeymoon and it brings me many happy memories.

Jessica Reiss Photography - Jessica Reiss
Title: Red Flower
Description: Flower found in a park in New Zealand.

Roselight Studio - Pat Migliore
Title:  Down Tha Shore
It is "Down Tha Shore" as they say in New Jersey.  A place where life gets simple for a few precious months and the hardest decision in the day is:  bathing suit or shorts?.... seafood or a Philly cheesesteak?  A place which has a mailing address that ends in "N.J." but feels like a suburb of Philadelphia.......unless you are listening to the French Canadians under the next beach umbrella.  It is here where the retro hotels from the 1950's with their distinct neon signs sit right next to a Victorian house with delicate lace curtains in an upper window.  Against that sapphire blue sky.  It is heaven.

Lotusland Fine Art - Wanda Lotus
Title: By The Water
Description: When I made this photo I was going through a very challenging period in my life. Soon I would be set free from the bad situation I found myself in, but I didn't yet know that. It was all I could do to hang onto my sanity. I went to CT to spend the day with a friend, and I made this photo during a walk with her. Both her company and the time by the water helped me get through just a few more weeks until my freedom came. A lot of beauty came out of that dark period of my life, and this photo (and my evolution into a fine art photographer) is part of that beauty. 

Nature's Images by Design - Anita Miller
Title:  Cherry Blossom in Blue
Description: This image was shot on the first warm spring day we had this year in Washington, DC at the Tidal Basin.  It was taken prior to the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms, but with the blue skies and perfect blooms you would never know.

The Shutterbug Eye - Diane Miller
Title:  Spring Tulips
Description: Colorful collection of tulips ready to bloom.

Dark Raven Photo - Diane Miller
Title: The Blackbird Part 1
Description: The red-winged blackbird is one of the first signes of spring.  This is one of four in a black and white series.

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Daydream
Description: After a (very) long winter my anticipation for blue skies, fluffy white clouds and flowers to bloom was almost unbearable. I could've laid under this yellow magnolia tree and daydreamed all day!


MADA said...

Wonderful Collections of great Pictures.
So happy to be see My Photography here.

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Gorgeous Collection, Angie! Thanks so much for including me amongst these beautiful images. -Helen

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Absolutely gorgeous! I ♥ fPOE!! Thank you for including my wonder wall!!

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Such beauty in diversity! Got to love it.

Sylvia Cook Photography said...

Wow, what a beautiful post! I love all the variety, so much talent!

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Love the wonderful collection of photos here. What talented ladies and I am honored to be among those you chose to feature first! Thank You very much for adding my peonies and polaroid!


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Wow, what a beautiful collection! Thank you , Angie.

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I love your FAFs, the work here is amazing and the blog fabulous :) Thank you Angie!!