Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fine Art Friday {November}

This month I'm going to cut right to the chase and show you the amazing talent of my fellow fPOE ladies. I'm not going to question where the time has gone and I'm not going to whine about it getting colder. You already know how I feel about both of those things, so I don't need to babble on about it. You came here to see amazing photos, so amazing photos is what you're going to get. Enjoy! :)

PhotoByMADA - Magdalena.Sienkiewicz Photography
Title: Last Leaf
Description: The last autumn leaf among the branches on a blue sky illuminated by the afternoon sun.

Sweet Reveries by Andrea Hurley Photography 
Title: Surfwatch 101
Description: I took my Lensbaby with me on vacation to Surfside Beach, South Carolina this summer. Every morning I got up before the rest of the family for some photo taking and a quiet stroll to the nearest pier. This was taken on the beach just outside our rental, Surfwatch 101. 

Lost in the Valley Photography - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Draped in Reflections
Description: Brightly colored fall leaves create beautiful reflections on the water's surface of a Connecticut river.

Nine Dragons Photography - Elizabeth England
Title: Steps
Description: There's nothing like the golden, weathered patina of old stone. This is a little different from most of the NYC Bethesda Arches photographs in that there are no arches -- I love it anyway.

RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Train Tracks in Autumn No. 2
Description: My daughter and I took a stroll on these old tracks this autumn. The air was crisp and the foliage was beautiful! This is part of the Valley Railroad in Haddam, CT.

Studio Claire - Claire Carpenter
Title: "Road to Anywhere"
Description: Every fall there seems to be at least one week of mornings that are socked in by fog, which magically makes every road a road to anywhere….

Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Title: Mist in the Mournes
Description: Mellow autumn mist in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland

Erin Johnson Photography - Erin Johnson
Title: Beautiful Venice
Description: Finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Europe! Venice has always been high on my list and I was so happy to finally see it with my own eyes...and camera! 

Gypsy Tree Photography - Amy Cutler
Title: Autumn Rain
Description: Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I love walking through the leaves and hearing them rustle. While out for a walk, after a rain, I thought the leaves looked so beautiful with their bright colors and rain drops. I captured this image and fell in love with it instantly.

Judy Weinberg Photography - Judy Weinberg
Title - Jellyfish in Glass on Beach
Description - A jelly fish caught in a glass sitting in the sand, which can be an ingredient for glass, a few feet from the ocean's edge. The ocean is where it really belongs but just can't get there. It all just struck me as kinda funny.

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Delightfully Fall
Description: This image was taken in the City of Denver, Colorado. The leaves were a great orange color and the sun was shining bright in the sky. I had fun creating a "star" out of the sun in this delightful image. 

CheyAnne Sexton's WaterColors and Photography - CheyAnne Sexton
Title: What if You Slept? by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Description: I have loved this poem since I saw it years ago and I feel like it fits my 'Deep Thoughts of Spring' photograph.

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: Going Home
Description: A quick shot in the evening on my way home from visiting my daughter- playing with my new lensbaby Edge80.

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Fall Crab Apples
Description: This was taken on a wet fall morning with the sun shining right through the dew on the apples.