Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

my friend E has been blogging for just a few months. every wednesday i look forward to her "so what wednesday" posts. they make me smile, sometimes laugh and they reassure me that sometimes it is ok to say "so what". i have enjoyed them so much that i figured i should give it a shot. today is my 1st SO WHAT WEDNESDAY!

so what if my kids have had lunchables for dinner more often than not lately. they are easy to take on the boat when we go on our evening rides.

so what if i tell the kids to put the dogs outside to potty. they literally fight over who gets to do it and get mad at me if i dare to do it myself.

so what if i spend unmentionable amounts of time browsing the stores of etsy. have you been on there? it's an endless amount of awesomeness!

so what if i bought a bottle of cheap white wine and it tastes horrible, yet i continue to drink it because i will NOT waste wine. i even cooked with it in an attempt to use it up faster.

so what if i stayed up late brainstorming business name ideas. i still can't stand my business name and WILL come up with something i LOVE...even if my fan base votes against it (again), i have to follow my heart on this one. btw, i have a good idea...i think...

see what my friend "E" is saying "so what" to!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

to get personal?

so i've been thinking all week about "what to blog". i have wondered if i should keep this strictly a blog dedicated to my business or if i should let it get a little personal. since my business name contains the word "personal", i've decided to venture away from keeping it all business and letting the real me come out...but just a little...i don't want to scare you guys. :oP
for those of you that may read this and don't know me in real life, here's a smidgen of who i am. i am a mom. i have 2 kids i call my monkeys. tyler and haley, also known as boo-boo and bug. i don't know why i give nicknames, but i give almost everyone or everything a nickname. my 3 dogs all have nicknames. even my camera has a name. since it's a rebel, his name is james dean...jimmy for short. :o) i am in the process of buying another camera, an upgrade. she is much more glamorous than jimmy, so her name will be marilyn monroe. hahaha i know, i'm silly, but it's the little things in life that keep me giddy. i've already brainstormed names for when i live on my dream farm and have all my critters. yeah, yeah, yeah, i should really put all my creative ideas into something more productive, but this is seriously how my mind works. HA!
and of course, i've gone off subject. sorry, but get used to mind wanders.
besides being a mom, wife and artist...i am a cheerleading coach. this will probably get mentioned quite often through my blogs because "my girls" as i call them, are extremely important to me. but don't tell them that, they'll try to start getting away with slacking at practices. ;oP

Thursday, July 14, 2011


bloggin' seems the "thing to do", especially in the photography biz. so i suppose i should get with the times and start babbling about my thoughts and ideas through this online outlet.
throughout my life i've owned several diaries and journals. but after a week or two of daily entries, i'd forget about it. i've never been good at documenting my life in written form. hopefully this bloggin' thing goes better than my journals...may they rest in peace.
i'd like to preface my future posts with an apology. i am a rambler. and an opinionated one at that. but the cool thing about this being online is you can just click off the blog if you don't like what i have to say. ;o) also, i will be typing in all lowercase letters. i don't know when or why this habit started, but it's how i type online. i type very fast as it is and find that i can type much faster if i don't have to take the extra tenth of a second to hit the shift key. lazy? probably. but it works for me. i'm not illiterate and have fairly good grammar in my real life...but online, i feel anything goes...and lowercase letters is my way of being a rebel.
now if you'll excuse me, i have to go find some followers...