Friday, December 21, 2012

Submitting to HBO's True Blood Stylist

It's a twisted show. It's mysterious, sexy and it leaves you going 'what just happened'?! At least that's the best way I can describe True Blood. It's dark, but not in a scary, horror movie way...or you can bet your sweet behind I wouldn't be watching it!! But dark is not my 'thing' with photography so I had to put on my thinking cap to figure out what I could submit that would be a good fit for this show.

And "Bloody Mary" came to mind. She's a statue in the cemetery near the house where I grew up. I learned to ride my bike in this cemetery and many hours were spent just hanging out here with friends. To some it's strange, but to us neighborhood kids, it was just the norm. But there was this statue; she captivated our imaginations. She had us telling the tallest of tales about her and how she died. I've honestly meant to research this statue for years, but never seem to remember. Maybe now I will.

Anyway, "Bloody Mary" is what we dubbed her and I'm not sure why. She is a full body statue of a woman in a dress. She is holding the broken end of a torch and the torch end is down by her feet. There are obvious burn marks up her body and on her face from this torch. Her eyes are hollow and seem so sad. She still captivates my imagination. She belongs on the set of True Blood.

So for my True Blood submission, I took a close up of her face to capture her eyes and emotion. Instead of naming my piece "Bloody Mary", I named the photo "Let Her Cry" as it seemed much more appropriate to how she really looks.

Now I had to come up with some genius idea of how to get this photo onto a wearable item. I tried a T-shirt. Special thanks and shout out to "What's Your Sign" printing company in Onsted, Michigan.
But the shirt didn't feel right. It didn't feel moody enough.

Then I found this pendant and it felt right. It's a gold tone, so the vampires will be safe. See, I'm thoughtful.

There you have it folks. My submission for the stylist of True Blood. Now keep your fingers crossed that it gets picked to be worn on an episode. And if it doesn't, that's ok too. I'm so grateful for this, and all opportunities I have with The Artisan Group.