Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fine Art Friday {November}

This month I'm going to cut right to the chase and show you the amazing talent of my fellow fPOE ladies. I'm not going to question where the time has gone and I'm not going to whine about it getting colder. You already know how I feel about both of those things, so I don't need to babble on about it. You came here to see amazing photos, so amazing photos is what you're going to get. Enjoy! :)

PhotoByMADA - Magdalena.Sienkiewicz Photography
Title: Last Leaf
Description: The last autumn leaf among the branches on a blue sky illuminated by the afternoon sun.

Sweet Reveries by Andrea Hurley Photography 
Title: Surfwatch 101
Description: I took my Lensbaby with me on vacation to Surfside Beach, South Carolina this summer. Every morning I got up before the rest of the family for some photo taking and a quiet stroll to the nearest pier. This was taken on the beach just outside our rental, Surfwatch 101. 

Lost in the Valley Photography - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Draped in Reflections
Description: Brightly colored fall leaves create beautiful reflections on the water's surface of a Connecticut river.

Nine Dragons Photography - Elizabeth England
Title: Steps
Description: There's nothing like the golden, weathered patina of old stone. This is a little different from most of the NYC Bethesda Arches photographs in that there are no arches -- I love it anyway.

RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Train Tracks in Autumn No. 2
Description: My daughter and I took a stroll on these old tracks this autumn. The air was crisp and the foliage was beautiful! This is part of the Valley Railroad in Haddam, CT.

Studio Claire - Claire Carpenter
Title: "Road to Anywhere"
Description: Every fall there seems to be at least one week of mornings that are socked in by fog, which magically makes every road a road to anywhere….

Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Title: Mist in the Mournes
Description: Mellow autumn mist in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland

Erin Johnson Photography - Erin Johnson
Title: Beautiful Venice
Description: Finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Europe! Venice has always been high on my list and I was so happy to finally see it with my own eyes...and camera! 

Gypsy Tree Photography - Amy Cutler
Title: Autumn Rain
Description: Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I love walking through the leaves and hearing them rustle. While out for a walk, after a rain, I thought the leaves looked so beautiful with their bright colors and rain drops. I captured this image and fell in love with it instantly.

Judy Weinberg Photography - Judy Weinberg
Title - Jellyfish in Glass on Beach
Description - A jelly fish caught in a glass sitting in the sand, which can be an ingredient for glass, a few feet from the ocean's edge. The ocean is where it really belongs but just can't get there. It all just struck me as kinda funny.

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Delightfully Fall
Description: This image was taken in the City of Denver, Colorado. The leaves were a great orange color and the sun was shining bright in the sky. I had fun creating a "star" out of the sun in this delightful image. 

CheyAnne Sexton's WaterColors and Photography - CheyAnne Sexton
Title: What if You Slept? by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Description: I have loved this poem since I saw it years ago and I feel like it fits my 'Deep Thoughts of Spring' photograph.

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: Going Home
Description: A quick shot in the evening on my way home from visiting my daughter- playing with my new lensbaby Edge80.

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Fall Crab Apples
Description: This was taken on a wet fall morning with the sun shining right through the dew on the apples.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fine Art Friday {October}

I am not really sure how it's October already, but it is. And it's almost the end of the year and I can't wrap my head around how fast 2013 has seemed to fly by. I realize that's a really cliche thing to say, but it is true and I'm sure next month I'll be freaking out about how close it is to Christmas! But for now, I'm just going to freak out about what I'm going to be for Halloween (yes I still like to dress up, don't judge me!). And I think that might be what some of my fPOE ladies are doing as well because the participation is down this month. Life is busy but I so appreciate the handful of women that have stuck this through with me all year (and those that pop in occasionally as well). I love getting the email submissions each month to see what my talented fPOE ladies have created. They never cease to amaze me!! Anyway, Happy October friends! Enjoy...

RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Crystal Lake
Description: On this day I was in search of trees for a Trees of Connecticut Art Exhibit. This is one of my favorites.

Studio Claire - Claire Carpenter
Title: Emerald Bay Wanderlust
Description: Over the Labor Day weekend, my husband and I were able to get away to Lake Tahoe without our children! One morning we set out early for Emerald Bay and were the first kayaks on the water. The light and water were perfect; I would wander back there any day...

Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Title: The Edge of the World
Description: Where the Causeway meets the sea. The Giant's Causeway, on Northern Ireland's spectacular north coast.

Lost in the Valley Photography - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Sheltered Valley
Description: The rolling green mountains of Vermont show off their colorful side! A little valley in the Northeast Kingdom shelters a barn on a misty and cloudy grey day.

Dark Raven Photo - Diane Miller
Title: Ode to Raven
Description: Shadowy black and white photograph of a black raven.

AngsanaSeeds Photography - Ivy Ho
Title: Spice of Life
Description: Strolling along at a market in Amsterdam and saw these beautiful stalks of garlic. Nothing stirs my palate like hearty garlic such as spices liven up mere taste.

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: The beach is my happy place
Description: Taken on one of my three visits to the beach this summer. I can't tell you how many shots of seagulls I took on this particular trip.

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: That old Dodge
Description: While perusing a flea market with my sister, we happened upon this jewel of a treasure. I stopped dead in my tracks and snapped a cell phone photo because that was the only camera I had with me at the time (I know, what's wrong with me?!). But instead of loading it to Instagram right away, I saved it, just for today!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fine Art Friday {September}

It's been two months since the last FAF and I can't believe how fast it went by. I wasn't able to do August's post as I was at cheerleading camp (I coach) that Friday. I couldn't get the post ready ahead of time either as I had SO MUCH going on. And based on conversations with my fellow fPOE gals, I wasn't the only one! It seems that summer is rush, rush these days and no more relax, relax. Most of us fPOE leaders took August off, so I didn't feel too bad that I was shirking my duties. ;)

I'm not exactly thrilled about it getting into fall weather because winter comes next and we all know how I feel about that. But, I am happy to get back into a routine with school being back in session and life being a bit more under control. *whew* I look forward to presenting the rest of this year's FAF...on time. HA! Here is September's collection; enjoy!

 Chaise Longue Gallery of Stacy Frett
Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Faith
Description: I created this image inside the Arc de Triomphe at Place de l'Étoile at the top of the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France this past spring. Inside the Arc de Triomphe you must ascend 281 steps to reach the top of the monument. The staircase is this grand spiral design that is overwhelming but it is beautiful at the same time. I found this boy looking down as if he was a bit afraid of the descent. I thought that it would create a beautiful image. I decided to create a calendar with an inspirational quote that matched the essence of the image.
Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Title: Yellow Gate
Description: Seamus Heaney's home town, rural South Derry
Janelle Tweed Photography - Janelle Tweed
Title: Niagara Falls Rapids
Description: Niagara Falls, New York is one of my favorite places to walk around with my camera during fall. It's such a beautiful, peaceful place. Perfect for capturing all the stunning color fall has to offer.    
 RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Fishers Island Gull No. 1
Description:  This gull visited us while we were at a beach on Fishers Island.  We shared our avocado with it and it stayed and posed for a few pictures.  
Nine Dragons Photography - Elizabeth England
Title:  Peach & Pony 
ImageNationPhoto - Julie A. Lopez
Title: Country Mailboxes
Description: Image shot in August on the road to Doe Bay on Orcas Island in the San Juans. The warm bright late afternoon sun was shining down on this row of old country mailboxes and I couldn't resist a photograph or two!

 Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Fireflies
Description: This summer was spent making memories with my kids. Among the many memories we made was staying up until dark to fill a Mason jar with fireflies...or lightening bugs as we Michiganders call them!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Fine Art Friday {July}

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's already July! The summer festivities and adventures are in full force and life seems to be moving at a very fast pace. Hopefully you've all been able to slow down and enjoy some of the beauty summer has to offer. And hopefully you all had a fabulous Independence Day celebration yesterday!! Now please enjoy this month's "FAF". These ladies never cease to amaze me with their creativity and talent! 

Jessica Reiss Photography - Jessica Reiss
Title: Caged
Description: Bird Cages found on Angel Place in Sydney, Australia

 Lisa Bonowicz Photography - Lisa Bonowicz
Title: Lighting the Way
Description: Twin Lights in Highlands, NJ 

Shadetree Photography~~Debbra Obertanec
Title: Golden Light
Description:  I love the vintage bicycles that people often display in New England with baskets of flowers in their front yard, so sweet and nostalgic and the evening sun made it even prettier.  

LKPhipps Fine Art Imagery - LK Phipps
Title: Cream of Hibiscus
Description: Sepia toned tropical hibiscus.

Lost in the Valley Photography - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Radish Rainbow
Description: The garden is the best place to nurture your body and your creative mind!  

Souvenir Photography - Jessica Arizpe
Title: Crash Into Me
Description: Summer is officially here! You know what that means.. If you're close to the ocean it's time to spend the day at its shores.

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: Meadow Rue

Description: The tiny delicate flowers of the Meadow plant

Sweet Reveries / Andrea Hurley
Title: Fresh Reflections
Description: Sometimes you need a new perspective, a fresh reflection if you will, on everything. I've been doing some reflecting lately on who I am and what my hopes, dreams, goals and priorities are. One of the things I've reminded myself to do is to shoot what I love and what makes me happy. As you can see, I love water drops - specifically the rain variety.  

Janelle Tweed Photography - Janelle Tweed
Title: Those Summer Nights
Description: Great company with great conversation around a bonfire equals the perfect summer night. 

Suzanne Harford Photography - Suzanne Harford
Title: Sunrise Under The Pier
Description: The soft purple and pink hues of sunrise captured under a pier at low tide.

 Let That Songbird Go - Shawnee Kilgore
Title: Together
Description: This was taken during a brisk fall walk in northwest Washington. These little guys were less than an inch long, but I noticed and visited them on both legs of the walk (no pun intended ;). One of my favorite photographic treasures!

RCM Fine Art Photography - Robin Matterfis
Title: Antique Rose
Macro shot of a perfect pink rose, edited to have an antique feel.

The Shutterbug Eye - Diane K. Miler
Title:  The Butterfly Project 1
Description: This is the first of a series of butterflies I am collecting and photographing.

Feathered Dragonfly - Sherrie Isenberg
Title: Enchanted
Description:  The sun setting through the trees, bathing everything in the distance in color and warm light and creating wonderful shadows fanning out across the ground. So enchanting and serene.  Sort of makes me think of the moment Dorothy opens the door to Munchkin Land in the Wizard of Oz.

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Molten Pizzazz
Description: One of my favorite art to create is the abstract photograph. This image was created with textured glass and glass bottles for the color. I really love the melting effect that was created with the textured glass. This image is fun and colorful!

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: {comment with your title suggestions!}
During a foggy morning camera adventure I wound up on a road that I've been on before, but never really looked around with my 'camera goggles'. It was always just a road for me to get from point A to point B. But this time I took it slower and paid attention to my surroundings. And like a dream, there sat this amazing shabby chic barn with the misty light coming down so perfectly. I literally gasped when I saw it and couldn't get my car turned around fast enough to snap my shot. Moral of the story: always, always, always take your time and see your surroundings. Really SEE them so you don't miss the secret treasures that have been there all along!