Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fine Art Friday {April}

This month's post is coming a couple days late. It's Spring Break for most people which meant that 'work' was the last thing on everyone's mind...including my own. I'm happy to share with you some repeat participants but also a couple new ones! Enjoy April's photos; it's quite obvious we all have SPRING on the brain!!

Sylvan Seas Photography - Sarah Malone
Title: Mr. Darcy's Debut
Mr. Darcy, Gentleman knows how to eloquently state his criticisms. He has a penchant for crow watching. He became a proponent of my wildlife photography as soon as he was forced to don a Santa hat. He enjoys jingle bells and punctuality.

Shadetree Photography - Debbra Obertanec
Title: Family of Five
Description: Looking for spring in the still snowy seacoast of New Hampshire.

Maria Rose: A Prime Collection- Alana Gillett
Title: Onion Rebirth
Description: This onion was hanging in a bag on my wall waiting to be used, but, before I could, it started to grow.  It was a perfect symbol for Spring...rebirth. 

CatinoCreations - Michele Catino
Title: Peach Tree Blossoms
Description: My husband and I take a walk in the woods each Sunday morning. This past Sunday we found a peach tree in full bloom.

Sun Lion Imagery - Barb Roehler
Title: Ranunculus 2
Description: My new ranunculus plant. Loving the orange color!

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Budding Love
Description: As I sat on my couch at home, I looked out my window and noticed the buds starting to form on my tree. As I looked closer I noticed a group of buds that were in the shape of a heart! I love hearts in nature.

Lost in the Valley Photo - Jessica Chevalier
Title: Side by Side
Description: Winter just won't leave, so still life photos have gotten me out of a creative rut!

Judith Kimber Photography - Judith Kimber
Title: London Eye
Description: A view from the North Bank of the River Thames in London, England. The gilded eagle of the 1923 Royal Air Force Memorial is seen against the background of the London Eye. The image captures something of London's past and present, together on a beautiful spring day.

Abra Alani Photography - Abra Alani Cole
Title: Ranunculus in Yellow
Description: A bright yellow ranunculus bloom reaches for the sun.

Photo by Mada - Magdalena.Sienkiewicz Photography
Title: Carousel Horse
Description: Wrocław, Poland, Europe, 2012

Karen Webb Photography - Karen Webb
Title: Love Books
Description: Nikon D5100, Still Life

Sylvia Cook Photography - Sylvia Cook
Title: Like a Dream
Description: Pale pink sunlit cherry blossoms delicately hanging on tree branches
Helen Makadia Photography - Helen Makadia
Title: Ruffled Feathers
Description: I came across these amazing gerbera daisies, fluffy like a ballerina's tutu. The bouquet package read gerberalicious. Their petals remind me a bird's ruffled feathers and soft, yet full tutus.

Janelle Tweed Photography - Janelle Tweed
Title: A New Spring
Description: A little bird at the first sign of spring, singing and chirping away in a maple tree.

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Camelia
Description: A camelia bush was in full bloom at our local garden center. The many shades of pink caught my eye as well as the delicateness of each petal.


sarah said...

A beautiful collection! I love these. Great work everyone!

Barb Roehler said...

So lovely!

I stink at naming my images though....sigh...

Thank you for posting Angie :-)

Claudia Willison said...

Every single picture is so beautiful!

Stacy Frett said...

Very Lovely! :)

Elizabeth England said...

Really beautiful -- Spring all over!

Diane Miller said...

Beautiful collection.

Sylvia said...

Thank you again for such an eye catching post:)