Friday, February 1, 2013

Fine Art Friday {February}

January's Fine Art Friday post got great feedback, especially in our fPOE group and I'm excited to have more participation this month. It was asked if I'd ever require a theme and while I love themes, I especially love the eclectic mix that makes up our group. Each photo below has a link to the participant's Etsy shop should you want to see more of their work available for purchase. There are also links to their Facebook pages so you can keep up with their postings. Enjoy the photos that follow and leave some love for the participants!

Abra Alani Photography - Abra Alani Cole
Title: Sunset Waves
Description: The rare January sunset lights up the waves and clouds on the Puget Sound

Tru Ferguson Photography/TruStudio - Trudi Fergason
Title: Here but Gone
Description: "I feel the sand between my toes and dance to the music in my soul..
Maybe this will remind you to always dance, even in your mind!
There is a song in your soul"

Modern Mood Photography - Shandel Gauthier
Title: Golden Gate Tower
Description: The sun peeking through the fog on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
The iconic landmark of the city by the bay.

Back to Basics Photography - Ulli Karner
Title: White Horse and Barn
Description: Beautiful White Horse on a Farm in Middlebury, Connecticut.

Gidget Clayton Photography - Gidget Clayton
Title: Purple Heart
Description: I created this image in Southern California. This bunch of roses stood out to me because one of the roses has a slight heart shape to it. I find the monochromatic color of the roses striking. Send a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day that will not fade away!

JDR Photography - Jessica Reiss
Title: empty benches
Description: It was freezing outside, and a usual area that is filled with people
was completely empty. I had to capture how quiet it was.

Shadetree Photography - Debbra Obertanec
Title: Blue Sparkles
Description: A gorgeous early morning on the east coast in January, 
rewarded by glorious blue sparkles reflecting from the sun. 

Crystal Gayle Photography - Crystal Zacharias
Title: Sweet Words
Description: Conversational heart candies were always so much fun to share (and eat). 
Tell your loved one how you feel about them in a unique way that they will reminded of your love each time they see the print. Calorie Free ;)

Angsana Seeds Photography
Title: The Pinnacle

Photos by Mada - Magdalena Sienkiewicz
Title: Glisten
Description: "Snow covered my Wonderland, wrapped all with crystals 
sparkle like diamonds in the sun"

Sun Lion Imagery - Barb Roehler
Title: Ocean Truck
Description: It was a bucket list shot for me when I was visiting Maine this past October. (I'm from Minnesota) It was in the parking lot where you go to see the "Hubble" Lighthouse. 

Sylvan Seas Photograhy - Sarah Malone
Title: Befuddled
Description: Another physics problem, as in "Pondering", or deciding between a snack or a nap?

Lost In The Valley Photography
Title: Shape of My Heart
Description: In honor of Valentine's Day mixed with the anticipation of spring!
Etsy shop:

Laughter and Love Photography - Angie Turner
Title: Stargazer Lilies
Description: These lilies have always ranked at the top of my favorite flower list which is why
they were the center of attention in my wedding bouquet almost 8 years ago.
Etsy Shop:
Facebook Page:

To get the full explanation of what Fine Art Friday is visit the original blog post here:

Here are some valuable links if you'd like more information about the fPOE team:
fPOE Special Virtual Events FB page:


Deb Obertanec said...

It looks awesome Angie, love it! Thank you for the include :) Everyones work is fantastic!!

Sarah Malone said...

Lovely pictures! Thanks for featuring my sea otter!

Barb Roehler said...

Wow! There are some really fabulous images here.

Thank you for posting :-)

Crystal Gayle Photography said...

So many incredible images. Tank you for including my valentines print.

Angsana Seeds said...

Thank you Angie!

Jessica Reiss said...

all of the pictures are gorgeous! thanks so much for including my bench!!