Friday, January 4, 2013

Fine Art Friday {January}

I am fortunate and honored to be a part of an incredible group of female photographers that sell on Etsy. The group is fPOE for short and we work together as a team. We cross promote by making treasuries on Etsy, we support each other behind the scenes in our Facebook group and we share valuable information that can take years of research to figure out. This group has quickly become my 'safe place' on Facebook and I consider each and every one of them a friend and colleague. The camaraderie in our group is rare amongst females and it is greatly appreciated! And this hasn't gone unnoticed as our fPOE team is among the nominated teams for "Team Spirit" on Etsy. YAY TEAM!

When a photographer is asked who they're inspired by, many will rattle off well-known portrait photographers. They may be well known because they host workshops or just have a large Facebook fan base. But the fPOE ladies are the photographers and artists that inspire me the most. They create highly sought after home decor and wall art out of their photos. And there is no right or wrong way that they've done it...something that many portrait photographers like to argue about. Creating art is something that I've tried to do since before I was in business as a portrait photographer. It's a little known tid-bit, but I had an Etsy shop before I started portrait work. I guess you could say my heart is in the art.

For a couple months I've been posting a new photo onto my Facebook page every Friday. I've called it "Fine Art Friday with fPOE" and I've encouraged other fPOE ladies to post a new photo as well. It can be a photo taken years ago, but it had to be newly edited. I've had a few ladies participate, but honestly, every Friday can be a tedious task and one that can easily be forgotten. So I've changed my plan up a bit for 2013. Fine Art Friday will now occur on the First Friday of every month. This should give us all, including myself, plenty of time to procrastinate. This idea is also in hopes that I'll actually use this silly blog! LOL

Before I post everyone's photos, here are some valuable links if you'd like more information about the fPOE team:
fPOE Facebook page:
fPOE Special Virtual Events FB page:
fPOE Blog:
fPOE Etsy Team Page:

Here are the first submissions for 2013's Fine Art (First) Friday with fPOE in no particular order:

Angsana Seeds
Title: "Peace"
Description: Golden flare from the setting sun cast a vivid glow onto the
rice paddy fields in the land of a thousand smiles - Thailand.

Catino Creations
Title: "Cold Creek"
Description: Rare snowstorm in Texas on Christmas Day.

Lost in the Valley Photography
Title: "Coffee Time"
Description: Since the weather has turned to freezing, I've turned to still life photography.
It's a fun way to sharpen my skills and prevent me from
landing in the winter doldrums. It also lets me 'play' with all the many
collections I have around the house!
Etsy shop:

Amy Tyler Photography
Title: "Billy G"
Description: This is my friend Ingrid's little billy goat.
I was so drawn in by his soulful eyes, I just fell in love.
The eyes of my subject are always the most important part to me...they tell a story.
Etsy shop:

Karen Webb Photography
Title: "Queen Anne's Lace"
Description: Taking a visit to our newly purchased farm house decided
I would take some pictures of the snow. As I was driving up the gravel drive
this image of the Queen Anne's Lace caught my eye, being so delicate, rustic and wintery.
Etsy shop:

 Laughter and Love Photography
Title: Sole Survivor
Description: In a rural community with never-ending dirt roads and run-down farms,
it's not an uncommon sight to see orphaned silos.
And when I drove past this silo this morning in the sunrise and snow,
he looked like a sad 'last man standing' out in the cold.
Etsy shop:


Lost in the Valley Photography said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for including me! I ♥ fPOE! Such a wonderful group to be a part of!

Katerina said...

Lovely photos girls

Claudia Willison said...

Beautiful photos! You ladies, and especially Angie, rock!

Angsana Seeds said...

Love the post! Thanks for including me :-)

Angsana Seeds said...

Love the post! Thanks for including me :-)

Deb Obertanec said...

Gorgeous work and heart! Love these!