Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gifting Amy Poehler

I have the great honor of gifting another celebrity via The Artisan Group. This time around, it's funny lady Amy Poehler. You may have seen her on Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, Baby Mama or her current hit show, Parks and Recreation.

Keeping her sense of humor in mind, as well as the fact that she has two young sons, I decided to go with one of my favorite photos as well as one of my best sellers in my Etsy shop, the Curious Giraffe.
I did take a quick poll of my Facebook fans and friends and he was recommended time and time again.

I attached a 3.5x5 image to a card that can be removed and framed. Then I chose the most popular item in my Etsy shop, the iPhone 4/4s case. Whether she has an iPhone or not, of course I don't know, but she can easily wrap it and gift it to a friend. Since the case and card are small, I was able to put in one more item, my new handmade wine stopper. I think every kitchen should have a Curious Giraffe to add a touch of whimsy and humor! I wrapped it all up in bright flowered paper, tied it all with a ribbon and sealed the package with love and sent it off.

I would like to give you the opportunity to have your own Curious Giraffe wine stopper to add some whimsy to your kitchen!! 
All you have to do to enter to win is comment on this blog post with your first and last name. (I have the comments set up to be moderated to keep from spammers, so you may not see your comment right away, but please only comment 1 time as I will publish it ASAP.)
You must also be a FB fan (
There is free shipping to the U.S.
You will have 24 hours to claim your prize.
The winner will be selected via & announced on Tuesday July 24th @ 7pm(est).

Thank you for your continued love and support!! Good Luck!!

There were 23 entries:
1. Erika Z.
2. Samantha M.
3. Sara L.
4. Kim J.
5. ntague
6. Mandy F.
7. Amanda W.
8. Michelle J.
9. Kristin I.
10. Kila R.
11. Kim B.
12. Crystal R.
13. Jeanne
14. Amy B.
15. Jennie H.
16. Tova F.
17. Kristin A.
18. Tara S.
19. Stephanie L.
20. Cortney McD.
21. Dave H.
22. Kelly F.
23. Alaina E.

And the winner is:

Congratulations Crystal R.!! You have 24 hours to contact me with your address.
Thanks again to everyone that entered! Stay tuned for more celebrity gifting that will include opportunities for you to win the same items!


EZsx5 said...

Erika Zucal - The gift is so cute and I bet she'll be photographed by the paparazzi talking on the phbne with a giraffe peaking out ;)

Samantha said...

Samantha Meyer - Love the giraffe!

Sara N Letson said...

Best idea EVER!!! lol

Kim Jakum said...

Kim Jakum - Amy will love this for sure!

ntague said...

Great idea bet she will LOVE it

Mandy said...

Mandy Frayer - Giraffe's are my favorite animal!! Very cute!!

sunshine1580 said...

Love that stinkin' giraffe, almost as much as I love the wine stoppers :) -Amanda Wilson

Cameo Layne Photography said...

Michelle Johnstone


ck2solo said...

Adorable giraffe! Kristin Iverson said...

I hope I win, I drink a lot of wine and love giraffes! haha
Kila Rohner

Kim said...

Kim Brown- Oh my goodness! Would love to have a home for the giraffe! Love it Angie! Amy will totally love them!

Crystal said...

Crystal Rademacher - you're so dang talented, Angie!

Jeanne said...

Awesome blog, work and gift! Sticking my neck out in hope of wining the giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas, your talent
, & most of all I love wine! Amy bird

Jennie said...

Pick me! Pick me! :) Jennie Hauck

Tova said...

Completely adorable! -Tova Friedman

Kristin said...

So beautiful! Love your photo and would love to win!
Kristin Aylward

Anonymous said...

Tara Smith- I would give just about anything to see her face when she recieves your gifts :-)

Stephanie Lewis said...

Favorite thing so far! Hope maybe we find out what type of WINE she drinks as a result? That would be super interesting. Great job!

Cortney said...

I forgot to leave my name. lol Cute as always. :)
Cortney McDade

Anonymous said...

Dave Hunt, this is a very cool idea.

Steve Fisk said...

I want! :) Kelly Fisk

Anonymous said...

Alaina Ellison- trying this again!