Thursday, February 9, 2012

700 Fan Giveaway WINNERS!

Wow! I can never begin to thank everyone enough for their participation. I had some generous vendors! I had an overwhelmingly positive response from this giveaway!
And most of all, there were 51 entries to the giveaway!!
A reminder of the rules:
Please read the instructions thoroughly to learn how to enter to win!
This giveaway will run from Wednesday February 1st at 9AM EST to Wednesday February 8th 9PM EST.  The winners will be announced on Friday February 10th at 9AM EST. If prizes are not claimed by Monday February 13th at 9AM EST, new winners will be selected.

1. Use the photos of each vendor to visit their Facebook pages (including Laughter and Love Photography!) and click "Like" to become a fan. Please take your time so facebook doesn't block you!  Then leave each vendor a note saying "Thanks for participating in the Laughter and Love Photography's 700 fan Giveaway!" (copy and paste comes in handy here!)

2. Come back here to the blog and leave a comment letting me know that you liked all the pages. Please include your name and your city/state. (Location is in case I need to redraw for a winner if the winner happens to be out of state and won a local vendor's someone in California wins the tanning salon's prize) Comments will be moderated. They will need to be approved before you will see them posted, so if you don't see your comment right away, don't panic and please only comment once. I will number everyone's name to use in the selection process.

Winners will be chosen via and will be announced on this blog. Winners will have 48 hours to contact the vendors directly to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed, another winner will be selected. Laughter and Love Photography is NOT responsible for contacting vendors, working out shipping arrangements, or any issues that may come up between the vendor and winner.

Please be kind and courteous to every vendor and most importantly, thank you for your participation!

Below each vendor you will find the name of the winner.
Reminder that the winners will have until Monday February 13th @9am to claim their prize.
Winners must contact the vendor directly to arrange shipping options, etc.
If the winner would like to pass on their prize, 
please notify me ASAP so that another winner can be drawn. 
Entrants are able to win multiple prizes as the generator is totally random.
To see the full note with entrants name and corresponding entry number: 


(custom made bow) #17 Lauren Rasor
(shabby chic fabric flower bow) #12 Diana Policaro

#37 Whitney Aldrich

#22 Shanna Uptergrove

#36 Mandy Floer

#32 Sara Letson

#30 Jessica Seymore

#5 Cheryl Henry

#21 Teri Seal

#44 Lisa Gentner

#25 Brenda Giles

#43 Amy Pelham

(glitter striped hat) #42 Rhonda Froelich
(wrap scarf) #28 Kim Carpenter 

#6 Cortney McDade

#28 Kim Carpenter

#8 Amy Bird

#1 Amanda Wilson

($15 GC) #36 Mandy Floer
($15 GC) #45 Jen Miller  

#1 Amanda Wilson

#5 Cheryl Henry

#2 Emily Fraley

#19 Kaitlyn Beyer

 #11 Samantha Meyer
 Amanda Wilson 
$25 Gift Certificate
Thank you for having the most referrals

on my page to get to 700 fans!!

One last time, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love, support, encourangement and participation with all things Laughter and Love Photography!
I'm so excited to be growing and thriving with such amazing fans and friends.
Sending you all a great big hug!!!
♥ Angie


4HenryMonkeys said...

How awesome!!! Congrats to you and all the winners :)

Lauren Rasor said...

Fabulous! THANK YOU!!!

Emily Fraley said...

AWESOME! Thanks!

Samantha said...

Congratulations Everyone!