Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Photo Challenge

it's glaringly apparent that i don't blog regularly. you can't even call it irregularly. and i have attempted a couple/few photo challenges, but i always seem to let my life & priorities allow me to fall behind on challenges. so i am challenging myself. i am hoping that if i create my own challenge, i will be bound by a self-contract to complete it. i want you to know, i do complete my work. i complete my photo sessions on time & stay on top of my work. but stuff like this...i get caught up in my work, my family, my coaching and i 'put it off' for various amounts of time. if i don't consider it a priority, i procrastinate until i can't procrastinate any longer. anyone else a procrastinator? i have found throughout my life though that i do some damn good work at the very last minute. heehee

anyway, enough about my procrastionation, back to the december 2011 photo challenge. i invite everyone and anyone to participate. i am encouraging non-photographers especially to give this a shot. i want you to think outside the box and find your inner creative genius. each day has a word or small phrase to capture. interpret that word how you'd like and photograph your interpretation. there is no right or wrong way to interpret these words as it is your opinion...your art. post these photos in an album on facebook. to link back to me, tag my business page in your caption as the challenge host (ie: challenge hosted by: laughter and love photography). make sure to use the @ symbol so that it actually tags my page so i get the notification to visit your photo! oh, sneaky me, you have to be a fan of my page to tag it. you can do this by first visiting
i will be giving out $20 gift certificates as a reward to local, non-pro photog participants that complete the challenge and meet all the qualifying requirements. to qualify you must tag all your photos to my page. you also have to post the photos each day & complete the challenge on time. only one participant per household. please be honest and use this challenge to have fun.
feel free to share this challenge with everyone you know so we can get more creative juices flowing throughout the month of december. my ultimate goal for this challenge is to get more people to appreciate the art in photography.


Anonymous said...

Ill try! but I am also a huge procrastinator.. :/ -Heather

Fisher Photo said...

oh my! i love a challenge...but i know life and procrastination may get in my way! but i am willing to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think this will be fun!! I am the WORST at procrastination as well! Its there a support group? I wish there was....I need a fire lit daily LOL....Love the challenge...I am going to give it a try! Sounds like so much fun!!

Heather said...

I definitely think I will be doing this! I've been wanting to do a challenge for awhile now. Thanks!