Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

my friend E has been blogging for just a few months. every wednesday i look forward to her "so what wednesday" posts. they make me smile, sometimes laugh and they reassure me that sometimes it is ok to say "so what". i have enjoyed them so much that i figured i should give it a shot. today is my 1st SO WHAT WEDNESDAY!

so what if my kids have had lunchables for dinner more often than not lately. they are easy to take on the boat when we go on our evening rides.

so what if i tell the kids to put the dogs outside to potty. they literally fight over who gets to do it and get mad at me if i dare to do it myself.

so what if i spend unmentionable amounts of time browsing the stores of etsy. have you been on there? it's an endless amount of awesomeness!

so what if i bought a bottle of cheap white wine and it tastes horrible, yet i continue to drink it because i will NOT waste wine. i even cooked with it in an attempt to use it up faster.

so what if i stayed up late brainstorming business name ideas. i still can't stand my business name and WILL come up with something i LOVE...even if my fan base votes against it (again), i have to follow my heart on this one. btw, i have a good idea...i think...

see what my friend "E" is saying "so what" to!

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